The Contemporary Christian Music Family Tree19631978

The early contemporary Christian music recording artists

As found in Paul Baker's Contemporary Christian Music

On the following pages is a comprehensive list of the singers and musicians who first recorded what is now known as contemporary Christian music. These artists developed music in various styles: folk, Jesus music, rock, jazz, and others.

   The list was included in the 1979 and 1980 editions of this book, when it was titled Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? An attempt was made at that time to list beside each name the styles each artist or group employed, according to categories which seemed fairly descriptive at the time. Since then, even the descriptive terms have changed to some degree, but they still convey the general idea.

   Since 1978, musicians and artists have come from all fields of pop and gospel music to become part of the contemporary Christian music family. To add the names of each and every such artist would almost require a book in itself. However, including this initial list of artists who first recorded contemporary Christian music presents a family tree of sortsa record showing the early roots of what we now call contemporary Christian music.

   Types of music performed by each artist or group are indicated by the first series of letters in each entry. The two major categories are contemporary gospel (stemming from the traditional church and gospel music) and Jesus music (stemming from secular pop-music styles). In this list, ''rock music'' is used to designate recorded music from secular sources which crossed over to some degree into the contemporary Christian music field of interest. ''SR'' indicates that some or all albums by that artist or group were released on secular record labels only. Whether or not those artists were actually Christians is not indicated. In many cases, combinations of code letters are used to identify the artists' styles more specifically.

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   In many cases where an artist's recordings originated from a country other than the United States, the country is indicated by an abbreviation in italics. The artists of some countries, such as France, Spain, Holland, Germany, and those of Scandinavia, were unfortunately not incorporated into this original listing. However, many of them are recognized in Chapter 28.

   Catholic contemporary music and Jesus music such as that covered in this book have historically appealed to different audiences. Catholic contemporary music had not permeated the non-Catholic scene to any great degree when the listing was done, nor has it to the present time. Therefore, Catholic contemporary music, of which the majority was of a folk nature, is indicated by its own classification, the letters ''CM.''

   Recordings of religious cults, or those recordings and artists deemed by the author more anti-Christian than Christian (such as Jesus Christ Superstar) are excluded from this list, although they are included in some of the other appendices for different reasons.

   Inclusion of any recording or artist on this list does not represent endorsement of the particular recording or artist, nor does it indicate the quality of the recordings. Many of the albums referred to are no longer available or carried by the actual labels. Many of the artists who continue to record have moved to other labels since 1978; only their labels prior to that year are included here.

   For the collector of contemporary Christian music, however, this listing should provide an excellent checklist as he or she pores through garage sales and second-hand record bins.

   This list would hardly have been possible without the untiring help of Dan Hickling. Dan applied endless hours of research for its compilation.



Music Types:

CGContemporary gospel


CMCatholic music


FMFolk music

JMJesus music



RMRock music from secular source

SGSoul gospel

SRSecular release

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Countries of Origin:





UKUnited Kingdom

Special Codes:

CaCassette only in some releases

8T8-track tape only on some releases

( )When there are two groups with same name, the state or country of origin is given in parentheses.


   Action Scene '71 (sampler)Impact


   Act One CompanyGreentree




   Adams, J.T. & the Fireside SingersWord


   Adams, RandyStar Song






   Agape/St. Paul's School ChoirMace


   Agape ForceCandle Co., Word


   A Hundred Fold (sampler)World Library


   AirborneSolid Rock Sound


   A Joyful NoiseIgnatius House


   Albrecht & RoleyAirborne


   Albrecht, Roley & MooreWhite Horse

JM/UK    AlethiansMyrrh
JM    Alexandersen, StephenWhite Horse
SR/SG    Allen Group, RanceGospel Truth, Truth, Capitol
SR/JZ    All-Occasion Brass BandMCA
JM    All-Saved Freak BandRock the World
CG    AlpenglowJoySong, House Top
JM    Altman, Terry RossParaklete
CG    Amason TwinsHerald
CG    AmigosHeart to Heart
CG/JM    Amplified VersionNew Pax, Chrism
CG    Andrus, ShermanImpact, Shalom
CG    Andrus, Blackwood & CompanyGreentree
SR/M/CN    ApocalypseGeneration
JM/CG    ArchersCharisma, Impact, Light
CG    Arhelger, JerryHerald
PS    Arise and Shine (various)Scripture in Song
JM    ArkSpirit
CG/JM    Armageddon ExperienceM/M
JM/SG    Artistic SoundsSavoy
JM    AslanAirborne
JM/CG    A Time and A Place (sampler)Creative Sound
JM/UK    Atwood, BillDovetail
CG/JM    Autry, TomStar Song
JM    Ayala, BobPure Joy, Myrrh
CM/FM    BackwoodPretzel
CG    Bailey, StanKlesis
JM    Because I am (soundtrack)Clear Light
JM/CG    Beginnings (sampler)Sonrise Mercantile
CG/FM    BelieversDoxa
CM/JZ    Bellson Trio, HowardWorld Library
CM/FM    Berakahcustom
CM/JM/IT    BeretsBlue Bell, Avant Garde
SR/RM    Berkerey, Pat w/ SpurGlascow
JM/CG    Best of Christian Grit (sampler)NewPax
JM    BethlehemMaranatha

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CG    Blackwood, DebiClarion
JM/FM    Blease, JackPrince of Peace
JM    Blessitt, Arthur & Eternal RushCreative Sound
CM/FM    Blue, RobertFEL
CM/FM    Blunt, Neil & C.P. MuddNALR
JM    Boone Girls (The Boones)Lamb & Lion, Word
CG/JM    Boone, PatLamb & Lion
CG    Boosahda, StephanieCelebration, House Top 
SR/JZ    Branch, Ben and the Operation Breadbasket Orch. & ChorusChecker
CG/JM    Bridgecustom, Sword
JM    Briggs, TimSuperior
CG/UK    BrightwinterMyrrh
JM    BrooksLight
JM (CA)    Brother LoveBeeGee
CG/CN    Brotherlovecustom
JM    Brothers w/Marj SnyderDiscovery
JM/FM    Brothers are SistersAgape
SG    Brown, Phil & God's Earth with LoveRejoice
JM    Brown, Scott WesleyGeorgetown, NewPax, Sparrow, Seven Locks
SR/JZ    Brubeck, DaveDecca, Atlantic
JM/FM    Bullock, VerneUriah (Ca)
CG    Burton, Eddie3rd Day
JM    Burton, WendellLamb & Lion
JM    Butler, Djcustom
SR/SG    Caesar, ShirleyHob, Roadshow
JM    Calfee, PatMorning Star
SR/SG    California EarthquakeUnited Artists
JM    Camp, SteveMyrrh
JM/AU    Campbell, PeterTrinity
JM    Campi, SandyLamb & Lion
JM/UK    CanaanDovetail, Myrrh
SR/JM    Canadian Rock TheatreLion
PS     CandleBirdwing
JM/CG    Carlson, Petecustom, Tempo, Chrism
JM/CG    Carmichael, Carol (Kim)Light
CG    Carmichael, RalphLight, Sacred
CG    The Carpenter (musical)Impact
JM/FM    Case, Ron & Phil Butlincustom
SR/JM/SG    Caston & MajorsMotown
CG/JM/CN    CenturionaPraise
JM    Cephascustom
CG    Certain SoundsTempo
CG    ChangesHerald
CG    Channelscustom
CG    Chapman, DaveMilk & Honey, Pilgrim
CG    ChariotSuperior
JM    Charismacustom
CG    CharityShalom
JM    Chewning, Lawrence & Eastland BandNeoteric
CG/JM    Children of the DayMaranatha, Light
JM    Children of Faithcustom
CG    Children of LightMilk & Honey
JM    Children of the LightSparrow
CG/SW    ChoralernaSignatur, Myrrh, Key, Sparrow
CG    ChordsNew Day
JM    Christian, ChrisMyrrh
JM/CG    Christian People (sampler) Lamb & Lion
JM/FM    Chuck, Mary & FriendsPrince of Peace
JM    Clark, PaulRedeemer, Creative Sound, Sonrise Mercantile, Seed, Myrrh
JM    Clark, TerryGood News
CG    Clawson, CynthiaTriangle
JM    ClockwiseMars Hill
PS/UK    CloudsDovetail
JM    Cochran, Judycustom
SR/JM/CN    Cockburn, BruceTrue North, Island
SR/SG    CogicsVJ International
SR/JM    Colter, JessiCapitol
CM/FM    Corneau, BillAvant Garde
CG    Come Together (musical)Light
CM/FM    Come Winter, Come Lord (sampler)NALR
CG    Common BondHope

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CG    Common GroundTempo
PS    Communion (various)Birdwing
JM    Concrete Rubber BandAmerican Artists custom
CM/FM    Condon, TomWorld Library
CG    ContinentalsLight, Word
CG    Cook, CheriSolid Rock Sound
JM/UK    Cook, DavidEMI
CF/CN    Cooney, Sr. LornaUnicom, Praise
JM    Copalello, PatKerygma
CG/UK    Cordner, RodneyDorian, Pilgrim
CG    Coryell, RandyImage VII
JM    Cotton, GeneMonya, Impact, Myrrh
CG    Crain, JimStar Song
CM/FM    Creed, DanNARL
JM    Crimson BridgeMyrrh
CG    Cross & The Switchblade (soundtrack)Light
CG    Cross Current CommunityAvant Garde
JM/CG/SG    Crouch, Andrae & the DisciplesLight
SR/JM    CrusadersCapitol
CG    Cruse FamilyCanaan
JM    Cry 3 (sountrack)Clear Light
CG/JM    Cull, BobArmchair, Maranatha
CM/FM    Cullen, Pat IIJoral
CG/UK    Culverwell, AndrewPolydor, DaySpring
CG    Curry, MarieHerald
CM/FM    Curzio, ElaineAvant Garde
CG    Dalton, LarryLight
JM    Dalton, MichaelSounds of Joy
JM    DamascusEden
JM    Damascus RoadJesuSongs
CM/FM    DameansFEL, TaleKetics, NALR
SR/JZ/CN    Dandy, TrevorZaza
JM    Daniel AmosMaranatha
CG    Danny, Wayne, PaulImage VII
CG    Daubenton, GeorgeneEdify
JM/UK    Davies, GrahamSharing
SR/JZ    Davis, Rev. Gary-Folklore, Prestige
JM    Dawntreader One (sampler)Star Song
JM    DaybreakHoly Kiss   
CG    DaylightEdify
CG    DayspringWord
SR/JM    Deasy, MikeCapitol
JM    Deasy, Mike & KathieSparrow
JM    DeGarmo & KeyLamb & Lion
JM/CG/SG    DeGrate, Don & the DelegationSword, Shalom
CG/JM    DeliveranceImage VII, NewPax
JM    Denzien, RickSuperior
CG    Devers, MarcyOlde Towne
SG    Dickerson, Ron & the TranquilityNew Day
CM/FM    Diesel, PaulaAvant Garde
SG    Dixon, JessyLight
JM    DogwoodLamb & Lion, Myrrh
JM    DoveMyrrh, Shalom
JM    Drake, EdHoly Kiss
CM/JM    Dumin, FrankAvant Garde
CG    Duncan, D.J. W/Tim GobleDestiny
JM    Dust/Myrrh
JM/FM    Dust & AshesAvant Garde
JM    East of the Altarcustom
JM    Easy Said. . .(musical)CMP
CG    Edify Volume I (sampler)Edify
CM/FM    Edwards, DeannaTeleKetics, NALR
CM/JM    Edwin, RobertAvant Garde, Fortress
JM    Eldridge, RickHerald, Klesis
SR/RM    Electric PrunesReprise
CM/JZ    Elia, TimNALR
SR/JZ    Ellington, DukePrestige, RCA
JM/FM    Ellis & LynchRaven, Ra-O
JM    EmmanuelChalice
CG    Epstein, KathiePetra
JM    Eternal Savings and Trust CompanyAmphion
JM    Eternity ExpressSkylight Sing

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JM    Exkursionscustom
CG    ExpressionsJoySong
CM/FM    Fabing, BobNALR
JM/FM    FamilyMannafest
CM/FM    Family Album (sampler)Epoch Universal
JM/AU    Family (Tree)M7, Lamb & Lion
JM    Farrell & FarrellNewPax
JM/PS    Father's Family Album (various)Temple Tone
CG    Feist, LydellEdify, Golden Streets
JM    Field, FredMaranatha
JM    Firewind (musical)Sparrow
JM    FireworksMyrrh
JM    First GearMyrrh
JM    Fischer, JohnFEL, Light
JM/UK    Fish CompanyMyrrh Grapevine
PS    FisherfolkNet, Celebration
JM    FishermenGreat Awakening
CG/PS    Foley, JohnNALR
CM/FM    Foley & Kavanaughcustom
CM/FM    Followers of the Waycustom
JM    Ford, DelvinLight
JM/FM    ForerunnersCreative Sound
CG    Forever Promised (musical)custom
G/JM    Found FreeOlde Towne, Greentree
SR/RM    Fowler, BubbaColumbia
CG/JM    Francisco, DonNewPax
CG    Frangipane, FrancisBeracah
CM/SG    Freeing the Spirit (various)custom
CA    Friendly Peoplecustom
JM/CN    Friends of Jesuscustom
SR/JM    Furay Band, RichieAsylum
CG/FM    Gamble FolkCreative Sound, Edify
CG    Gardner, Reba RamboImpact, Greentree
JM    Garrett, Glenncustom, Jesus Folk
CM/FM    Garza, JulianaNALR
CG    Gassman, ClarkLight
JM    Gentle FaithMaranatha
CG    Gilbert, JimLight
JM    Gill, JimStar Song
JM    Girard, ChuckGood News
JM    GladMyrrh
SR/JM    Glass HarpDecca, Star Song
JM    Glory Boundcustom
JM    Glory RoadHand in Hand
SR    Godspell (soundtrack)Bell, Arista
SR/JM    God SquadRare Earth
JM    Goins, DougDiscovery
CG/JM    Good Jesus Music Inside (various)Superior
CG    Good News (musical)Broadman
SR/UK    Good NewsColumbia, CBS
JM (CA)    Good NewsMaranatha, Sonrise Mercantile
CG    Good News CircleSonrise Mercantile, Light
JM(VT)    Good News MessengersHouse
JZ    Good News Singerscustom
CG/CN    Gospel PeacePraise
JM    Gospel SeedMyrrh
JM    Gospel Ship (sampler)Destiny
JM    Gospel Ship II (sampler)Destiny
CG/CN    GossettsPraise
JM/UK    Gould, KevinKey, Myrrh, Grapevine
CG/JM    Grandquist, NancyFreedom, New Pax
JM    Grant, AmyMyrrh
CG    Great Commission CompanyM/M, custom
JM    Great JubilationRainbow
JM    Greatest of These Is Love (sampler)Myrrh
JM    Great Great Joy (sampler)Myrrh
SR/SG    Green, AlHi
JM    Green, KeithSparrow
JM/CG    Green, LillyDestiny, Myrrh
JM    Green, Tom & CandySuperior, Green Mountain
JM    Green, Tom & SherryBig Rock
SR/JM/CG    Greene, JeannieElektra
JM/CG    Greentree Sampler Album (sampler)Greentree

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JM/FM    Greenway, BlakeCentury One
CM/FM    Griffen, Ron & the LeavenFEL
CG/JM    Grine, JannySparrow
CM/FM    GroupWorld Library
CG/JM/SG    Grover, Teddy & Joycustom, Greentree
CM/FM/JM    Gutfruend, EdEpoch VII, NALR
CM/FM    Habjan, Sr. GermaineFEL
CG/CN    HakumuChristopher
SG    Haley, JoshSongbird
JM/SG    Hall, DanniebelleLight, Sparrow
CG    Hall, Duanncustom
JM    Hall, Pam MarkAslan, Spirit
CG/JM    Hall, SammyFaith, Impact, NewPax, Pax
JM    Hallelujah, Joy BandCreative Sound
CM/RM    Haney, LynnTribute
JM    Haney, MarcBride
CG    Harlan, John, ToddDisciple
CG    Harris, LarnelleWord
JM/FM(NM)    HarvestGospel Towne (FM)
JM(CA)    HarvestPure Joy
JM    Harvest FlightDestiny
JM/FM    Haun, Mike & Jerry Blacklawcustom
SR/SG    Hawkins, EdwinPavillion, Buddha, Birthright
SG    Hawkins, TramaineLight
SG    Hawkins, WalterLight
SR/UK    Haworth, BrynIsland, A & M
JM/UK    Hayles, LouMyrrh
JM    Heard, MarkAB, Airborn
JM    Henderson, KenStraight
JM/UK    Henderson, StewartDovetail
CG    Henley, Bob & JaneSingcord
CG    Here Comes the Son (musical)Light
CG    HeritageMedallion
JM    Annie HerringSparrow
FM    Hershberg, SarahFEL
SR/JM    Hester, BennyVMI, Spirit
JM/UK    Hewitt, GarthMyrrh
CG/JM    Hibbard, BruceSeed, Myrrh
CG/JM    Hildebrand, RayWord, Myrrh, Tempo
JM    Hill Country Faith Festival '74 (sampler)custom
SG    Hill, TessiePeacock
CM/FM    His PeopleWord Library
CG    Holm, Dallas (&Praise)New Sounds, Impact, Greentree
JM    Honeytree, NancySuperior, Myrrh
JM    Hoopes, DickCelebration
SR/JM    HopeA & M
JM    Hope of GloryShalom, Tempo, Chrism
JM    Hopkins, Davecustom
JM/FM    Horn & AlexanderBridge
CG/UK    Hosanna (musical)Reflection
JM    Howard, TomSolid Rock
JM    Howell, DougTrinity, Eden
CG    Hubbell, LarryMyrrh
CM/FM    Hurd, Bob & WhitebirdFEL
JM    Hurlburt, SteveLast Adam
CG    Hutton, RamonaImpact
JM    Hybl, ScottArk
CG    Icthus TeamDestiny
CG/PS    If My People (musical)Light
JM    Imago DeiCaelix
CG    I'm Here, God's Here, Now We Can Start (musical)Light
CG    ImperialsImpact, DaySpring
CG    In the Spirit (sampler)Bridge
CO    Isaac Air FreightMaranatha
JM/UK    IshmaelDovetail
CG    It's Getting Late (musical)Light
CM/FM    Jabusch, Willard F.One O One
JM/FM    Jackson Brotherscustom
SG    Jackson Company, HenryMyrrh, Gospel Truth, Birthright   
SG    Jackson, Madeline ManningNewPax
SR/RM    James, TommyRoulette
JM    J.C. & Co.custom
JM    J.C. Power OutletMyrrh
CG/CO    Jeremiah PeopleContinental, Light
JM    Jesus Festival of Music (sampler) Creative Sound

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JM    Jesus Folk One (sampler)Jesus Folk
JM    Jesus Loves You (various)Hosanna
JM    Jesus People (sampler)Creative Sound
JM    Jesus Power (Sampler)Creative Sound
JM/CG    Jesus Sound Explosion (various)custom
JM/UK    John, AlexanderMyrrh
JM/CG    John & Kathy, Shane & AliceNewPax
CG    Johnson, Bob & MaxineHerald
JM    Johnson, JeffArk
JM    Johnson, KarenFreedom Light
CG    Johnson, Kathie LeePetra
JM    Johnson, Mikecustom, Creative Sound, Freedom Light, JoySong, NewPax, CAM
CG    Johnson, PaulBridge, Chapel, Light, Petra
JM/FM    Jonathan & CharlesInter-Varsity
CF    Joncas, MikeWorld Library
JM    JoshuaImpact
PS    Joy Album (various)Maranatha
JM (IL.)    Joyful Noisecustom
JM(IA)    Joyful Noisecustom
JM/FM    Joyful RevolutionWorld Library
CG/JM    Joyous CelebrationListen
JM/UK    Joy StringsRegal Zonophone, Epic
CG    Jubilation (musical)Impact
JM    Jubilation! (sampler)Myrrh
JM    Jubilation, Too! (sampler)Myrrh
JM/FM    Kanewske, KathyMayim
CG    Kathie & MichiePetra
JM    Keaggy, PhilNew Song, Star Song
JM    Kelly, JudyNew Life
JM/UK    Kendrick, GrahamImpact, Key Dovetail
JM/CG    Kentucky FaithMark
CG    Kerner, DebbyMaranatha
JM/UK    The Key Collection (sampler)Key
PS    KeyholeNet, GIA
JM/FM    Kinfolkcustom
CG    King, George & The FellowshipTempo, Olde Towne King's ChildrenKing's Center
JM    KlesisHerald
JM    Knights of the Lord's TableHoly Kiss
SR/CM/FM    Kowalewski, PaulPublic Affair
JM    Krauss, BillChara
CM/FM    Krikston, DanielWorld Library
JM    Lafferty, KarenMaranatha
JM    LambMessianic
CG    Lambert, KyleRose, Sonrise Mercantile
CM/FM/PS    Landry, Careycustom, NALR
JM/FM    Last DayNew Life
JM/FM    Last Dayscustom
CG    LatinosLamb & Lion, custom
JM/CG    Lee, Danny & the Children of TruthRCA, Impact
JM    LeFevra, RayHoly Kiss
SR/JM    LeFevre, MylonCotillion
CG    Lentz, Rogercustom
CG    Lewis, ErvImpact, Herald
PS    Liberated Wailing WallHineni, Tempo
JM/UK    Liberation SuiteMyrrh
CG/CN    LightMello D
JM/UK    LightbearersDovetail
PS    LighthouseWord of God
JM    Limpic & RayburnFanfare, Myrrh
PS    Lion of Judahcustom
JM/UK    Live at Spre-e Album (various)Key
CG/JM/UK    The Lively OnesWord
CM/FM    Living SpiritNALR
JM/UK    Lonesome Stone (musical)Reflection
CG    Long, Candicustom
CM/FM    Louvat, Lorrainecustom, Fiat, Joral

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CG    Love (musical)Tempo
JM/PS    Love Inn CompanyNew Song
JM    Love, Peace, Joy (sampler)Myrrh
JM    Love SongGood News
CG    Love Song StringsCreative Sound, Mighty Wind
CG    Lovette, Carol JeanCelebration
CG    Lowe, Candicustom
CG/JM    Lucas, SharaleeWord, Petra, Greentree
JM/UK    MacKenzie, JudyImpact, EMI
CG/UK    Maggee, LenImpact, Dovetail, Grapevine
JM/UK    Malcolm & AlwynMyrrh, Pye, Key
JM    Malool, GregHerald
CG/JM    Manley, JimNew Wine
CG    Mann Singers, JohnnyLight
JM(PA)    MannaManna
JM(FL)    MannaHerald
JM    Maranatha!1The Everlasting Living Jesus Music Concert (various)Maranatha
JM    Maranatha! 2 (various)Maranatha
JM    Maranatha! 3Rejoice in the Lord (various)Maranatha
JM    Maranatha! 4 (various)Maranatha
JM    Maranatha! 5 (various)Maranatha
JM    Maranatha! 6A Family Portrait (various)Maranatha
PS/CG    Maranatha SingersMaranatha
PS/CG    Maranatha StringsMaranatha
JM    Mark, PamAslan
JM/CN    Marnoch, Raycustom (FM)
CG    Marsh, Don (Brass Orchestra)Impact
JM    Martin, RichSonburst
CG/CN    Martin, Sara DaleProfile
SR/CL/RM    Mass (opera)Columbia 
JM    Matthews, RandyWord, Myrrh
JM    Matthews, Taylor & JohnsonNewPax
JM    Mattson, DaveMyrrh
JM    McCraryLight
SR/FM    McCurdy, EdFolkways
JM    McGee, BarrySword   
JM    McGuireGreentree
JM    McGuire, BarryMyrrh, Sparrow
JM    McHugh, PhillTriad, Jesus Folk, Lamb & Lion
CG/UK    McKee, MaryPilgrim
JM    McPheeters, CharlesLandmark
JM    McVay, LewisMaranatha
CG    Medema, KenWord
CM/FM    Medical Mission SistersAvant Garde
JM    Meece, DavidMyrrh
CG    Meet God, Man (opera)Concordia
JM/UK    Meet Jesus MusicProfile, Dovetail
JM    Melton, CarolAgape
JM    MessengerLight
CG    Messengers of Lovecustom
CG    Michael & TamaraBirthright, New Life
CM/FM    Miffleton, JackWorld Library
SR/SG    Mighty Clouds of JoyABC Dunhill
JM/UK    Mighty FlyersMyrrh, Trust
JM    Milleniumcustom
CG    Miller, JimmyPure Joy, DaySpring
CG    Mills, WaltImpact, Myrrh, DaySpring
SR/RM    Mind GarageRCA
SR/CM/RM    MissionTribute, Avant Garde, Paramount
CM/RM    Mitchell, Ian & CarolineFEL
JM    Moment of Truth (various)custom
SR/CG/JM    Monda, DickVerve

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CM/JZ    Montague Trio, GeorgeFEL
CM/FM    Montfort MissionWarner Brothers, GIA
SR/RM    MoonrakersShamley
CM/CG    Moore, AlanWorld Library 
JM/FM    Moore, Mickey & BeckiMaiden
JM/FM    Moore, RonAirborn, Creative Sound
CM/FM    Mudd, C.P.Jonah
JM/CN    Murphy, Ray & Dana GillespiChristopher
CG/UK    Murray, GwenDovetail
JM    Mustard Seed FaithMaranatha
JM    Mystery Revealed (sampler)Creative Sound
JM/UK    NarniaMyrrh
CG    Natural High (musical)Light
CG    Nelson, DanListen
JM    Nelson, ErickMaranatha
CM/FM    Nester, LeoWorld Library
JM    New Beginningcustom
CG/JM    Newbury ParkCreative Sound
CG    New CaliforniansTempo
CM/FM    New CanticleWord of God
CG    New Covenant (musical)Light
JM    New Covenant/GraceDayspring House
CG    New Creationcustom
CG    New CreationHeritage
CG/PS    New Creation SingersFamily Crusades, Birdwing
CG    New DawnGreentree
CG    New DirectionsHerald
CG    New FolkImpact
CG    New Folkcustom
CG    New Hope (Singers)Light, Tempo
CG/UK    New HorizonPilgrim
CG/JM    New JerusalemTrinity
JM    New LifeTrinity
CG    New NeighborhoodCreative Sound
CG    New Sky SingersVolume III
PS    New SongNew Song Ministries
CG    New Vibrations (musical)Light
CG    New Village SingersEdify
JM    New WineDeep
CG/FM    New Wine Sound (various)New Wine
CG/FM    New Wine 2New Wine
CG    New WorldFourMost
JM    Norman, LarryCapitol, Impact, One Way, Verve, MGM, Solid Rock, AB,      Street Level
FM/JM/CN    North WindMaster's Collection
JM/UK    NutshellMyrrh
CG    Oak Ridge BoysColumbia
CG/JM    Oaks BandRockland Road
JM    O'Connell, JamesSonburst
JM    Omartian, Michael (&Stormie)ABC Dunhill, Myrrh
JM    One SongPaula
JM    One TruthSonrise Mercantile, Greentree
PS    ORU VespersCelebration
SR/JM    Overland StageEpic
JM    Owens (Collins), JamieLight
CG    Owens, JimmyWord, Light, Impact
JM    Owens, JonGospel Now Sound, Psalms & Proverbs, Windy
CM/FM    Page, Paul F.Pretzel
JM/FM    Pampayan, TedSilent Seed
JM    Pantano/SalsburySolid Rock
JM/UK    Pantry, JohnMaranatha
JM    ParableMaranatha
JM/UK    ParchmentPye, Myrrh, Grapevine

Page 235

CM/FM    Parker, TomWorld Library
CM/FM    Patenaude, AndreShrine
JM    PattonsCandle Co.
CG/JM    Paxton, Gary S.NewPax, Pax
JM(CA)    Peculiar Peoplecustom
JM    Peek, DanLamb & Lion
CG/FM    People Got to Be Free (various)FourMost
PS    People of Praisecustom
CG/CN    Pepper, PatMaster's Collection
JZ    Person, HoustonSavoy
CG    Petersen, DaveFreedom
JM    PetraMyrrh
JM    Phoenix SonshineDestiny, Maranatha
JM    Pilgrim 20CHM
FM    Pires, Barbaracustom
CG/CN    Pollard, ElainePraise
CG/UK    Pope, DaveMyrrh
JM/UK    Potter, PhilGenesis
CG/CN    Potter's ClayToday
JM    Powell, SteveWineskin
CG/CN    Power & Light Co.Today
JM    Power Music (sampler)Myrrh
JM    PraiseCreative Sound, custom
CF/JZ/JM    Praise the Lord in Many Voices, Volumes I-IIIAvant Garde
SG    Preston, BillyMyrrh
FM    Pritcher, Joancustom
JM    Psalm 150Manna
JM/FM    Quinlan, PaulFEL, NALR
JM/CN    QuintessanceChristopher
JM    Rainbow PromiseWine Press
CG    Rambo, RebaImpact
CG    Random SampleTempo
CG    Raney, SueLight
CG    Real Thing, The (various)Word
FM/JM/UK    Reality FolkProfile
JM/FM    RebirthAvant Garde, custom
JM/CN    Reborncustom
JM(NJ)    RedemptionTriumphonic
JM(TX)    RedemptionEvan Comm
CG    ReflectionWord
CG    Relevant (sampler)Bridge
JM    Remnantcustom
CG    RenewalRockland Road
CM/FM    Repp, RayFEL, Myrrh, Agape, Joral
CG    Requiem for a Nobody (various)Light
JM/CN    RestorationPraise
JM/CA    Resurrection Bandcustom, Star Song
JM/CG    Rettino, ErnieMaranatha, Windchime
SG/CN    Revelation CompanyMaster's Collection
JM/UK    ReynardGrapevine
FM    Rich, LindaInter-Varisty
CG/JM/UK    Richard, CliffColumbia, Word, Light, EMI
JM/FM    Ridings, RickSelah
JM    Rising Hopecustom
CM/FM    Roamin' BrothersFEL
CM/FM    Roamin' CollarsWorld Library
CG    Robbins, Terricustom
JM    Roberts, Austin & AdventNewPax
JM/SG    Robinson, EddieMyrrh
JM    RockwoodDharma
CG    Romero, JudyLamb & Lion
JM    Ron & Shirley w/ Universecustom
JM    Ross, NedraNew Song
CM/FM    Rousseau, RobertFEL
JM    Ryder, DennisHosanna
CM/FM    St. Louis JesuitsNALR
JM    Salmond & Muldercustom
FM/JM/CN    Salte, ArlenEagle Creek
JM    Salvation Air ForceMyrrh
CM/FM    Sanders, SkippWorld Library
PS/CA    Sandquist, TedNew Song

Page 236

CM/FM    Sarkissian, Kevin & Clarecustom
FM    Scannell, Jim People's Music
CG    Schell Company, JackDawn
SR/CL/RM    Schifrin, LaloVerve
CM/FM    Schoembachler, TimNALR
CM/FM    Scholtes, PeterFEL
FM/UK    Scott, Dana & the Crown FolkBBC
PS    Scripture Songs (various)Hosanna
SR/RM    SeawindCTI, Horizon
FM    Sebastian, Nancycustom
JM    Second Chapter of ActsMyrrh, Sparrow
JM    SeedsJubilation, Klesis
JM    SelahSingcord, Milk & Honey
CM/FM    Servants of the Lightcustom
JM/CG    Session, GlynnaChrism
JM    SethShalom
CG/CN    ShalomChristopher
CG/CN    ShalomPraise
CG/UK    Sharon PeopleSharing
CG    Sharrettes—Word, DaySpring
CM/FM    Shaw, JimFEL   
JM/UK    Sheep, The-Myrrh
CG/JM/CN    Shepherd's FlockChristopher, Master's Collection, Praise
JM    Sheppard, TimGreentree
JM(CA)    ShilohAdriel, Sonburst, Lamb & Lion
CG(NY)    Shilohcustom
JM(TX)    ShilohCMP
CG    Show Me (musical)Impact
JM    Signs of the TimeCMP
JM/CN    SimeonMaster's Collection
JM    Simple TruthCreative Sound, Tempo
CG    Sinclair, JerryCAM
JM    Sipple, BarbaraLazarus
CG    Sixth DayLight
CG    Skillings Singers, OtisTempo
FM    Smith, EddieTempo
CG    Smith, MooseHouse Top
CG    Smith, PaulEagle Wing
JM/CG/Ca    Smith, Tomcustom
JM/UK    Snell, AdrianDovetail, Maranatha
JM    Snyder, MarjDiscovery
CM/FM    SOAR Folk Hymnal (various)FEL
CG    Song of DeliveranceTempo
PS/UK    Songs of Worship and Praise (various)Word
JM    SonlightLight
CG/JM    SonLight OrchestraMyrrh
CG/JM    Sonshine CircleLight
CG/JM    SonshipOlde Towne, Messianic
JM    Sons of ThunderBronte
JM/UK    Sonsong (musical)Zebra
JM    Sons Unto Glorycustom
JM    The Son Worshipers (soundtrack)One Way
SG/JM    Soul LiberationCreative Arts
CG/CN    Soul SurvivorsMello D, Master's Collection
JM    Sound FoundationMark
CG/UK    Sound PurposeWord
CG    Sounds of CelebrationLight
JM    Sounds of JoyShalom, JoySong
FM/JM/CN    Sounds of LightMansion
CG    Sounds of the ''Now'' Generation (sampler)Word
CG    Sounds of the Spiritcustom
SR/CM/FM    Sourire, St.Sparrow
JM    Sparrow Spotlight SamplerSparrow
CG    Spectrums, TheCreative Sound
CG    Spirit of LoveWord
JM    Spoelstra, MarkAslan
JM    Spradlin, ByronLight
CG/CN    Spread the News (sampler)Today

Page 237

JM    Spring of JoyLamb & Lion
CG/JM    SpringwaterSpringwater
CG    SpurrlowsWord, Light, Tempo
JM    Stanley, CarlLight
SR/SG    Staple SingersStax
JM    Stearman, DaveCelebration
SR/CG    Stevens, RayBarnaby
JM    Stewart & KyleGrapevine, Chrism
JM    Stonehill, RandySolid Rock, One Way
JM    Stookey, Noel PaulWarner Brothers, Neworld
JM    Strathdee, JimNew Wine
SR/JM    Street ChristiansPIP
JM    Sugar ChuckJasper
CM/JZ    Summerlin, EdAvant Garde
SR/JM    Summers, BobMGM
JM    SuncastDaybreak, Myrrh
JM    Sundquist, JamesLamb & Lion
JM    Superjubilation! (sampler)Myrrh
JM    Suriano, GreggBehold
CG    Sutter, LynnDaySpring
JM    Sweet Comfort (Band)Maranatha, Light
SR/RM    Sweet RevivalSSS
JM/CN    Sweet SpiritChristopher
SG/JM(NY)    Sweet SpiritShalom
JM    SycomoreCelebration
CM/FM    Sylvester, ErichEpoch VII
CG    Take ThreeBridge
JM    Talbot BrothersWarner Brothers, Sparrow
JM    Talbot, John MichaelSparrow
JM   Talbot, TerrySparrow
JM    Tales from the Tube (Soundtrack)Creative Sound
PS    Tamarahcustom
CG/JM    Tami CheriLight, Superior
SR/CL    TashiRCA Red Seal
JM    Taylor, DannyJubal, Tempo, NewPax
JM    Taylor, EmmettKyregma
JM    Taylor, JoeArk
CG    Teen Challenge Praise (various)
JM/CG    Teen Scene (various)Charisma
CG    Tell It Like It Is (musical)Light
CG    Tell the World in '73 (musical)Light
CM/FM    Temple, SebastianSt. Francis
CM/FM    Temple/Hershberg St. Francis
CM/FM    10.15custom
JM    Terry Group, The PatMyrrh, custom
JM/SG    Thedford, BiliGood News
CG/UK    The GenesisPilgrim
CG    Theisen, MaribethCelebration
JM    Third Daycustom
JM    Thomas, B.J.Myrrh
CG    Thomas, HarryDestiny
CG    Thomas, TinaSuperior
JM/FM    Tim & DaleArk
JM    Time to Run (soundtrack)World Wide, Creative Sound
JM    Tom & DanFEL
CG/SW    Tornquist, EvieMajestic, Signature, Word
CG/JM    To the Children of the King (various)Sheep Shed
SR/SG    Townsley, Jr., NATABC Peacock
JM    TranquilityChrism
JM    TrinityLiving Waters
CG    Truth & His AssociatesTruth
CG/JM    TruthImpact, Paragon
JM    Truth of Truths (musical)Oak
CM/FM    Tucciarone, AngelWorld Library
JM    Ugartechea, BeckyMaranatha
JM    Ultima Thule (sampler)Creative Sound
CG    Union, TheElkanah
CG    Unknown QualityCreative Sound

Page 238

SR/RM    U.S. Apple CorpsSSS
FM    Uzilevsky, MarcusOaksprings
CG    Vagle, Fred & Anna Maecustom
JM    Valley, JimLight
JM/CG    Van Dyke, Vonda KayWord, Myrrh
CM/FM    Vickers, WendyEpoch VII
SR/JM/JZ    Vincent, JamesCaribou
CG    VisionLight
FM    Wake Up My Peoplecustom
JM/UK    Wall Band, AlwynMyrrh
JM    Wall Brothers BandGreentree
JM/CG    Ward, JamesPeniel, Dharma
CO   Warnke, MikeMyrrh
JM/UK    Water Into Wine BandMyrrh
JM    Way, TheMaranatha
CG    WedgewoodCreative Sound, Bridge
CG/JM    Whetstine, Doncustom
JM    Whisper His Name All Day Long (various)Destiny
JM/CG    Whittemore, Dancustom, Tempo, Chrism
JM/JZ    Wiley, FletchStar Song
JM    Willard, KellyMaranatha
CG/FM    Williams, DickHosanna
JM/FM    Williams, Jon 'n' Rachelcustom
SR/JZ    Williams, Mary LouMary
JM/CN    Williston, BobPraise
JM    Wilson McKinelyVice of Elijah
SR/FM    Winslow, TomBiograph
CM/FM    Wise, JoeFontaine House
CG    Witness, The (musical)Light
CO    Witte, John & ViccijoShalom
JM    Woods, BarryHoly Kiss
CG    Wootten, BubbaGlory House
PS    Word of GodWord of God
JM/CG/UK    Ye Olde London Bus Christian Bookshop & Boutique Souvenir Record (sampler)Dovetail
CG    Yesterday. Today & ForeverCarman
JM    Ylvisaker, John & Davidcustom, Edify
JM/FM    Yonker, John & Davidcustom, Edify
JM    York, RandyRockwood
CG    Young and FreeWord
CG    Young Church SingersWord
FM    Zion Mountain FolkLight
CM/FM    Zsigray, Joe, NALR