Give the Winds A Mighty Voice:

The Story of Charles E. Fuller

© 1972  Daniel P. Fuller

Word Books, Waco, Texas All Rights Reserved Used by permission


1. Fuller, Charles Edward, 1887-1968; 2. Fuller Theological Seminary.
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Table of Contents

From the Jacket of the Book

Foreword           7

1. BOYHOOD          11


3.  CALLED TO PREACH           29

A Spiritual Turnabout   31
Preparing to Preach   36
Early Tasks   45

4. BECOMING A PASTOR           49

The Placentia Bible Class   51
The Founding of Calvary Church   55
The Growth of Calvary Church   59


Extrapastoral Commitments   65
Chairman of the Biola Board   68
Beginning a Radio Ministry   74

6. "GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS"           87

The Fiery Furnace   87
The Beginnings of the "Old Fashioned Revival Hour"   103
Sustaining a Coast-to-Coast Broadcast   116


The Years on the Mutual Network   137
Difficulties for Evangelical Broadcasters   151
The Broadcast from Long Beach   159
The Half-Hour Broadcast   183


The Founding of Fuller Theological Seminary   193
Through Much Tribulation   211
The Presidency of the Seminary   221

9. LAST DAYS           228

From the Jacket of the Book

   For almost thirty years, twenty million people tuned in weekly to Charles E. Fuller and the "Old Fashioned Revival Hour." Sunday after Sunday they listened over radio as the crowd, gathered in the Long Beach Auditorium, wafted the strains of "Jesus Saves" around the world.

   In this firsthand account Daniel P. Fuller chronicles the life and work of his father, a man whose name is almost synonymous with gospel broadcasting and who founded the theological seminary which bears his name. The strong evangelistic urge which dominated Charles E. Fuller's ministry permeates every page of Give the Winds a Mighty Voice.

   The early broadcasts, the struggle for financial support to stay on the air, the sermons full of fiery concern for the lost made Charles E. Fuller an unparalleled phenomenon in the history of religious radio. But more than that he was a personal friend to those who gathered to hear the old Gospel preached by a man who believed the whole Bible.

   Daniel Fuller probes into the deep intentions that motivated his father to strive by faith, and often against seemingly impossible odds, to keep the broadcast going. Quoting from the thousands of letters that arrived daily, he recounts the response that millions made as they listened around the world.

   The biography of Charles E. Fuller is the story of a religious movement. As you read Give the Winds a Mighty Voice, you will relive both the disappointments and the victories of which so many people were a part. Christians in every land are part of the rich heritage bestowed by Charles E. Fuller through the medium of gospel broadcasting. Your memory of the tradition will be enriched and cherished as you read this moving account of his life and thought.

   DANIEL P. FULLER is professor emeritus of hermeneutics at Fuller Theological Seminary where he taught from 1953 to 1993 and served as Dean of the School of Theology from 1963 to 1972. In addition, he served as president of the Gospel Broadcasting Association and the Fuller Evangelistic Association.

   He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Fuller Theological Seminary. He holds the doctor of theology degrees from Northern Baptist Seminary and from the University of Basel in Switzerland.

   Drs. Dan and Ruth Fuller are the parents of four children — Janice, Catherine, Steven, and Timothy, and six grandchildren. Mrs. Fuller also taught at Fuller Seminary. If you keep an eye out, you may run into them any Sunday at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California.

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Give the Winds a Mighty Voice – Reprinted 2008 by Fuller Seminary

Endorsements of the Book

   Give the Winds a Mighty Voice tells the story of a great period in radio and of a whole new ministry through Fuller Theological Seminary.... Charles E. Fuller's life was one of witness to the Gospel . . . he was loyal to the Scriptures and a faithful witness to the Deity and Saviorhood of Jesus Christ. He was used by the Spirit of God for the work of God.


   A moving and beautiful story of a man whose deep message of saving faith touched millions of lives, including my own.


   Daniel Fuller has given us a most interesting and accurate record of how his father, Charles E. Fuller, followed God's plan for his life. . . . The millions who listened and the multitudes who became Christians through his Holy Spirit inspired messages should not miss reading this book.


   I was personally blessed as I read Dan Fuller's account of how his father's ministry grew from a humble beginning as a tiny seed through many storms into a full-blown tree of a worldwide ministry that touched millions for Christ.


   A real blessing! Dan Fuller has told the story well, with tact, understanding, fidelity, and love. The areas touching our mutual labors and friendship are accurately described. The passion of Charles Fuller to get the Gospel to every soul was his primary motivation in life and is caught in this book. I loved every word of the story. Here is grist for your mill of faith. When you read it, you will want to believe God.


   Here is greatnessuncomplicated, courageous, dauntless, insightful.


   There is almost the complete absence of the emotional reactions that one might expect from a son's account of a father's ministry. . . .What comes surging through the book in almost every chapter is the evidence of the almost reckless faith of Charles E. Fuller.


   Give the Winds tells the story of how God raised up a man to proclaim the Gospel to more people than anyone in his time. . . . a heart-warming record of an ordinary person with an extraordinary love for Christ and for people in the common place, humble situations who need the Savior.


Above is Bill Gwinn (left) graduate in the fourth class of Fuller Seminary, 1953. In the middle is Charles Fuller and on the right is (then) Fuller Seminary President Harold Ockenga. Picture at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center is taken in the summer of 1962. The summer theme (on the redwood plank) is from Galatians 3:28: "All One in Christ Jesus." Bill Gwinn became executive director at Mount Hermon just four years after graduating from Fuller Seminary. Bill is 33 years old in this photograph while Charles Fuller is 75 and Harold Ockenga is 57.

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