The Psychology of Jesus

The Dynamics of Christian Wholeness

© 1977  David L. McKenna

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1. Jesus Christ — Psychology. 2. Christian life 
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The Psychology of Jesus by David McKenna is presently held by 124 libraries including Seattle Pacific University and The Library of Congress. Previously published as "The Jesus Model" (1977)

To my friends and critics — the students of Seattle Pacific University

Table of Contents

Preface ....... 9


1. Who Is Jesus? ....... 13


2. His Humanity ....... 29

3. His Traits ....... 42

4. His Maturity ....... 58

5. His Discipline ....... 79


6. Principles of Personhood ....... 97

7. Dynamics of Wholeness ....... 110


8. His Counseling ....... 127

9. His Teaching ....... 143

10. His Ministry ....... 156


11. Jesus, Our Model ....... 169

Notes ....... 180

A refreshing look at Jesus as our Source and Model for truly fulfilling personhood!

"David McKenna has written an illuminating study of Jesus in the light of modern psychological insights. Throughout the book we see Jesus in broader perspective — fully, man, fully God, and fully our Lord and Savior. His examination of the counseling and teaching of Jesus is especially helpful. I commend this book especially to pastors and serious Bible students."

— Billy Graham     

"The best study I have ever seen of Jesus' relevance for the living of an authentically human life."

— Vernon Grounds, President, Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary     

"In a day when many notable writers are asserting a relationship between psychology and biblical faith, here's one which offers solid ground on which to stand."

— Christian Review     

"Ever since the early days of the Church the mystery of the human and divine nature of Christ has engaged Christian thought. In more recent days Christians have tried to integrate psychology and theology. Both issues have proved controversial and divisive. David McKenna, who does not believe in skirting issues, tackles both of them . . . The result is a book that is scholarly in content, lucid in style, incisive in thought, and attractive in presentation."

— D. Stuart Briscoe, Elmbrook Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin    

"A serene and balanced introduction to Christ as paradigm for the fulfilled life . . . Designed not to shake a world but to shape people."

— Christian Century    

"Well worth recommending . . . This book is a very exciting blend of psychology and biblical study. Its style is very lively and should appeal to the average adult who wants to know more about psychology, his Lord, and himself . . . Biblically sound, rewarding, enjoyable."

— Bookstore Journal    

DAVID L. McKENNA is President of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, and has also served as President for Spring Arbor College (1961-1968) and Seattle Pacific University (1968-1982). Dr. McKenna holds graduate degrees in religion, psychology, and higher education from Asbury and from the University of Michigan. He is the author of Awake, My Conscience and The Communicator's Commentary: Mark and is a weekly commentator over national Christian radio's "This Is Our World."

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