The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy:
And How to Avoid Them

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Table of Contents

Introduction       9

1. Missing the Love Connection
The Biggest Challenge of All: Love and Affection       19

2. Just Treat Her Like One of "The Guys"
A Lifelong Study of the Feminine Nature       33

3. Winning Arguments Is a Losing Proposition
Communication and Conflict Strategies       53

4. Let Mom Handle the Spiritual Stuff
The Man's Role of Spiritual Leadership in the Home       69

5. Never Try to Walk in Her Shoes
Understanding the World of Your Wife       87

6. It's a Man's World
Respect for the Dignity of Your Woman's Worth      105

7. Missing Her Radar Signals
Sensitivity to Her Needs and Your Listening Skills       121

8. Spectatorship in the Home
Engaging the Husband's Responsibilities at Home       141

9. I Wear the Pants in This Family
The Marriage Partnership — Shared Leadership in the Home       157

10. Missing the Chance for Romance
The Rewards of Dating and Romance in Your Relationship       173

To our parents
Mark and Anita Bubeck
Alfred and Brigitte Finzel

Thanks for your lifelong examples
of the beauty of what marriages are meant to be

   They fell madly in love the summer of '74 and after a short courtship were married a year later. It was soon after that Hans realized that he didn't really know Donna as well as he thought he did. It was one thing to date and spend a lot of time together, but another to begin the lifelong adventure of marriage — as in living together twenty-four hours a day: jungle breath, messy hair, no make-up and all!

   For a man, living with a woman is a lifelong challenge — that is if he wants to do it right, and to have a growing and mutually satisfying relationship. The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy is filled with practical (and often humorous) advice from an experienced husband/wife team that will help you successfully meet that challenge

   Hans and Donna Finzel and their four children make their home in Wheaton, Illinois. In their twenty-one years of marriage they've lived in several different regions of the U.S., as well as Vienna, Austria, where they ministered behind the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe for ten years.

   In addition to her responsibilities with the family, Donna enjoys a teaching ministry to women. Hans is the Executive Director of CBInternational and the author of The Top Ten Leadership Commandments and The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.

   If you're like most husbands, you'd give anything to experience harmony in your home, divorce-proof your marriage, earn your wife's respect, and rekindle your passion. The trouble is, unless you know what's standing between you and a really great marriage, you won't know how to achieve it. That's why authors Hans and Donna Finzel came up with The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy to give you a clear-eyed look at some of the most common mistakes husbands tend to make in their marriage. But this book doesn't dwell on the negatives. Rather, it offers sound biblical, practical, and often fun insights into how to turn marital weaknesses into strengths on which, with a little work, you can build the God-honoring marriage you've always wanted!

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